Perspective: Attack is the Best Defence

Israel's response to the ongoing and increasing American pressure for further Israeli withdrawals does not need to be a blunt "no". It would be far more effective if Israel took the initiative by asking pertinent questions, publicly, putting the US on the defensive.

Arafat and his PA have broken these promises blatantly and repeatedly, without censure. It seems they are masters at manipulating the US, knowing that the louder they protest US bias towards Israel, the more reluctant the American administration is to call them to account for their broken promises.

Somehow the White House and State Department are blind to the fact that, for fear of upsetting the whole process, they are permitting Arafat to violate agreements with impunity, so making a mockery of everything Clinton insists he is trying to do.

Confronting US officials with questions like these, and insisting they be answered directly, could help reveal the often cowardly motives behind the persistent pressuring of Israel, and the unwillingness to turn the screws on the non-democratic, human-rights abusing, PLO.

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