Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

Arafat and Hitler

By Samuel Blumenfeld - April 6, 2002
When you come to think of it, there is much that Yasser Arafat has in common with Adolf Hitler.

The German dictator was determined to exterminate the Jews of Europe, and he used his Hitler Youth organization to indoctrinate German youth to hate and kill Jews. So that when he overran the countries of Europe, he had a ready army of killers willing and able to carry out his plan. And he went so far as to devote an enormous amount of construction and rail transport to carry out his plan, even though it meant depriving German soldiers supplies needed at the front.

He managed to kill about 6 million Jews and in the process brought total ruin to Germany. He committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin as the Red Army closed in around him. With his death, the whole Nazi machine of terror came crashing down in ruins.

Yasser Arafat has devoted his entire political career to one goal only: the destruction of Israel. When the Israelis foolishly brought him from Tunis, installed him as leader of the Palestinian Authority and armed his police force, it was tantamount to bringing a deadly cobra into one's home.

In complete violation of the Oslo Accords, Arafat proceeded to indoctrinate Palestinian children to hate Israel and kill Jews. He managed to conceal from the Israelis his ultimate aim to destroy them. Even when he rejected the incredibly generous offer made by Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David, Israelis still could not believe that the ultimate aim of the Palestinian Authority was the destruction of the Jewish state.

Hitler had explained exactly what he intended to do in "Mein Kampf." And Arafat made it clear what his goal was in what he told Palestinians in Arabic and the messages he conveyed to children in their textbooks. If the Israelis had read them, they would have realized that Arafat was training his own version of Hitler Youth to kill them.

The suicide bombers are Arafat's Hitler Youth in action. They have finally awakened the Israelis to their peril. And the Israelis are beginning to act. They must destroy the terrorist infrastructure which Arafat and his Palestinian Nazis have created. That will require removing the PA leaders, destroying their buildings and arresting all known and suspected terrorists. Israel cannot do less and survive the terrorist onslaught.

Like Hitler, Arafat is now holed up in his own bunker, waiting for the end. The Israelis have said they don't want to kill him. Hitler committed suicide. But suicide is not Arafat's style.

He is bringing total ruin to the Palestinian entity, but that doesn't seem to bother him. He sent children strapped with bombs to do his dirty work. And they've done it. These gullible children were promised heaven, but they've gone to hell for violating God's Commandment: "Thou shalt not kill."

Once the Israelis take over the Palestinian entity, they must find individuals willing to create a new government that will accept a peace with Israel. And if that is done, the Israelis must then insist that Arab children be educated to love their neighbors and to shun terrorism.

Another similarity between Arafat and Hitler is that both men needed war in order to carry out their plans. Hitler started World War II, during which he was able to exterminate Jews throughout Europe, and Arafat needs a war against Israel by the other Arab states in order to obliterate Israel. He knows that the Palestinians cannot destroy Israel alone, and he expected that an Israeli attack against him would provoke Arab nations to retaliate. But, to date, that strategy hasn't worked.

Arafat has always believed that he held the trump cards against Israel: the world liberal media, which is sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians; anti-Israel demonstrations in the world's capitals; and the threat of a wider war against Israel waged by a united Arab front. But because of Sept. 11, he can no longer count even on Saddam Hussein coming to his rescue, because should Saddam lob a single missile against Israel, that would give George Bush the green light to obliterate Saddam. Checkmate!

But the latest news is that President Bush is trying to rescue Arafat from oblivion. Why? To appease the Arab states. As a terrorist, Arafat can hardly be a partner for peace. So the conflict will continue until there is a change of leadership among the Palestinians.

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