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October 2001         

Arafat Faces His Own Intifada

By Joseph Farah - October 16, 2001
There's a certain tragic irony to Yasser Arafat's plight, as he finds himself facing an intifada of his own in Gaza and elsewhere.

His policemen are now vilified for killing stone-throwing youngsters in the same way Israel Defense Forces have been attacked over the last year.

This time, the demonstrators and rioters are not carrying pictures of Arafat, but pictures of Osama bin Laden – their new hero.

Arafat's Palestinian Authority has been so embarrassed by the uprising that it has closed Gaza universities and schools, barred foreign reporters from the protests and even asked Israel for help in containing the violence.

One would almost feel sorry for Arafat unless you realize that this crisis is a mess he, himself, has created through years of actively promoting hatred – not just of Israel and Jews, but of the United States, as well.

I could go back years, of course, and dig up the most inflammatory anti-U.S. rhetoric. But, instead, let's just look at what was disseminated to Arafat's people from official sources in the months leading up to the Sept. 11 attacks on the United States.

How could this be? Why isn't that we don't hear about these virulent anti-American condemnations in the West? Arafat appears so reasonable when he talks to Ted Koppel on "Nightline."

As I've pointed out many times, you need to judge Arafat and his people not by what they say in English for western propaganda purposes, but, rather, by what they say in Arabic when speaking to their own people and, most importantly, by their deeds.

Here's one more example of Arafat's double-talk. On Sept. 20, Arafat was quoted in the Jerusalem Post as saying the following: "I have issued strict instructions for a total commitment to the cease-fire." The very same day, here's what Amin Maqbul of Arafat's Fatah World Leadership was saying in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida: "This [cease-fire] declaration is nothing more than a tactical initiative and a political maneuver on the part of the [Palestinian] Authority, so that the Palestinians won't be perceived as hostile towards the peace process." Now, who are you going to believe – Arafat, or your own eyes?

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