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Syria's government-backed Tishrin newspaper continues its Nazi imagery rhetoric, this time with the help of Israeli MKs. In its ongoing response to Foreign Minister David Levy's Knesset speech, Tishrin writes: "Whatever the cruel and crazy motives that may be behind it, Levy's threat against Lebanon was an unconscionable crime; of all the flood of questions and condemnations that it raises, the fundamental one is this: Isn't it a crime in itself that goes far beyond Nazism?"

The paper also quotes Arab MK Azmi B'shara as "asserting Israel's responsibility for putting obstacles in the way of peace negotiations on the Syrian track." Speaking to Sawt al-Arab Radio, B'shara said that any freeze on the negotiations "stems from Israel's refusal to carry out UN Resolution 242 that calls for Israel's withdrawal from Golan to the June 4th, 1967 lines."

In related news, Tishrin calls for "Arab unity to deter Israeli aggression... Egyptian Mufti Dr. Farid Wasel [who called for international sanctions against Israel] has asserted the need for providing all forms of support to Lebanon in its confrontation with the brutal Israeli aggression..." The Arab League will in fact hold its next convention in Lebanon next month, instead of in Cairo, as a sign of solidarity with Lebanon against Israel. "Israeli aggression in Lebanon will be the main point discussed there," said an Arab League senior official.

Source: Arutz-7, Feb.25.00

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