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December 2001         

So, You Want Another Palestinian State?

Emanuel A. Winston - December 28, 2001
President George W. Bush, Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, the Europeans and the United Nations have all expressed a desire for another State of Palestine. So, let's explore the reality of a Palestinian State. But, let's do it with the information and data we have acquired.

We watched Saddam Hussein evolve a nation dedicated to producing the most horrible weapons on this planet. Yes, we the supposedly civilized nations, have produced the science and hardware which allowed a primitive people to have and use such weapons against us. The Iraqis are an intelligent people, or at least sufficiently educable to be trained in American and European universities to make such weapons. One can be intelligent and educable but still be primitive in behavior. Presently, we are fighting a war in Afghanistan led by an intelligent, well-educated, clever but, primitive man.

The same is true for the Iranians who also are clever people. The problem is that, while they are evolving intellectually, there is a primitive part of their nation, driven by radical Islamists to make Islam the world's only religion. They aim at world domination by radical Islamism. That volatile mixture creates a dangerous threat to all civilization.

Egypt is now armed with so many weapons "gifted" to them by America that it can barely contain itself in anticipation of another chance at war with Israel. Our American pundits truly believe that the Egyptians will remain loyal to America, controllable and dependably non-aggressive - except when called upon in our own American interests.

The Palestinian State that Bush and Powell wish for will, in many ways be exactly like the nations mentioned above. In many ways they already are, as Arafat rules the Palestinians under his control with a cruel brutality not unlike Saddam Hussein, Hosni Mubarak, Bashir Assad, "et al". Some have called the Arab Palestinians the "Jewish" Arabs because they have shown themselves to be intelligent and resourceful. But, with those gifts they also have the same rage and enthusiasm for war as the other Arab and/or Muslim nations have. Another State of Palestine, like Iraq, Syria, and Iran, will, no doubt, become a laboratory for a new level of Terrorism as the Palestinian Authority has demonstrated itself to be during the past 8 years of the "Oslo Peace Process".

Yes, they will have scientists like Saddam's scientists who are capable of manufacturing biological and chemical weapons. No doubt, there will be disarmament agreements but, like Iraq who kicked out the U.N. weapons' inspectors, disarmament of another State of Palestine will never be enforceable. A sovereign state will claim the right to arm just as the non-sovereign entity, the Palestinian Authority has violated the Oslo Accords by creating a militant para-military of more than 85,000 "Police" plus 9 Secret Services when they were allowed only 24,000 by Oslo. And they have armed with an illegal stockpile of heavy weapons - purchased, smuggled and home grown.

As more and more technology comes into the marketplace, the things we call WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) will fall into the hands of primitive nations with the intellectual capacity to create them and the evil will to use them.

The Arab Palestinians have already become a magnet for the most intense terrorist on the planet. The areas already relinquished to Arafat have, for some time, become a training ground for Hamas, Hezb'Allah, Islamic Jihad, PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), etc. Arafat has taught the children as young as four years old to revel in hatred of the Jewish Israelis that no amount of de-programming will ever erase. A new generation of terrorists has been created during the last 8 years of the Oslo "Peace Process". These are the future scientists and terrorists who will plague the world for generations to come.

A State of Palestine will be the incubator for a level of terror that will make Osama bin Laden's al Qaeda seem mild by comparison. This will not only be the incubator for something of terrible consequence but will be the last link in a chain of Islamic nations dedicated to a world under strict Islamic law, called "Shariah". (As practiced by the Taliban and followed by Osama bin Laden of Saudi Wahhabism.)

Yes, people like President Bush or the Europeans naively believe they can keep such an entity as a Palestinian State demilitarized, contained and harmless. They are wrong and our planet will pay the ultimate price for their arrogance. We now await bin Laden's surprise ending because we misjudged his capabilities for evil which were driven by hatred of the Free West. We already made the mistake of allowing Saddam Hussein to move on with his experiments in horrific weaponry. We could not contain him, particularly with the Russians, French, Chinese, Koreans, etc., clamoring to remove the constraints on him so they can sell him weapons. These same nations are telling President Bush not to attack Iraq to stop Saddam's development of these catastrophic weapons.

Even the so-called moderate Islamic nations are prey to radical Islamism. Their moderation cannot holdout against the vicious zeal and evil intentions of radical Islamism. Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon are the first tier likely to fall under the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt or their own Palestinians in Jordan or the Syrians who hold control over Lebanon.

The next tier in the Middle East Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the oil Gulf States will follow suit. Then, there are all the Islamic 'Stans' underpinning Russia which have been liberated from the Former Soviet Union. Don't forget the recent civil war that split Yugoslavia once those constraints were removed: Bosnia, Herzegovina, etc. where we (former President Clinton primarily) supported the Muslim even as a mix of Islamists poured in from Iran, Pakistan, the Sudan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia - just as they came into Afghanistan to fight on the side of the Islamic Taliban.

It was as if their hate which had been frozen by the Soviet Union 70 years ago, defrosted into instant boiling revolution and civil war. What about the vast Islamic land masses and huge islands, like Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan - or wherever a sufficient critical mass of Muslims can be assembled to attack their host governments.

The same men who think a Palestinian State will buy time are the ones who gave us catastrophic weaponized Iraq, Iran and Syria. These same men think that sacrificing Israel will dilute the drive for an Islamic world dedicated to Allah. The pundits tell us that, if a Palestinian State is created, all will be well for the Jewish State of Israel and Islamic warriors will not trouble us any more.

In England, France and Germany the anti-Semites are in full cry as they blame Israel for the threats of terror coming the radical Muslims within their own countries. I recall a study which focused upon a victim being assaulted while a crowd looked on, hating the victim because she forced them to recognize their own cowardice because they just didn't want to face the aggressor.

The fact is that the world will be trading an humanitarian Israel who can help the world, for a Palestinian entity whose tyrannical leader has shown actions of pure evil. Israel has been developing marvelous advances in medicine and sciences which benefit the world. Perhaps some of you have never noticed that the Jewish people have shared with the Planet Earth a great many things even as we are hounded because of our religion. Granted, some things were taken by the world and misused.

Israel has a lot to offer all of mankind if she didn't have to spend so much of her creative energies fending off her enemies - inside and out. There is cancer to be cured; genetics to be researched; space to be explored; water sources to be created and preserved; food supplies to be made more healthy, improved and increased - there is a lot to be done. Some of it will be accomplished whether we are here or not but, then again, some will be lost. We were here for you but, it has been hard to overcome the hatred.

What have the Arab nations brought to the welfare of their own people and this planet? Their despostic leadership have brought nothing but Terror and the belief that all others must live according to radical Islamism. Is it really worth trading a productive Israel dedicated to providing the Free World with a protective cover, the only democracy in the Middle East with a war-like Palestinian State where none existed before?

©2001 - GAMLA

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