Alert Prayer for Israel

July 11, 2000

Dear Prayer Partners:

On a clear day, one can stand on our balcony here in East Talpiot and view the Dead Sea. Israel is such a small country! It's a 55-minute drive from here to Tel Aviv and the east coast of Israel. This past week-end, we took a break and drove up to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. That was only a three-hour drive! Some folks are surprised to discover that Israel is about as big as the State of New Jersey. This is just a tiny speck of dust upon God's green earth! Why do so many people want this Land--a Land, by the way, that God calls HIS LAND? ...And, He gave it to Israel!

Yet, as we write this report and prayer request, the nations are again gathering to pressure Israel to give up her Land. Led by President Clinton at Camp David, there is a push for Israel to allow a Palestinian state to be created in the "West Bank," a political term for a huge chunk of land in the heart of Israel. The Bible calls this area Samaria and Judea. This is as much a part of the Biblical Land as is the Sea of Galilee and Jerusalem! Of course, the nations want to change that as well!

Last evening there was a massive prayer rally at the Western Wall. This call to prayer by the rabbis was to pray for the events surrounding the summit in Washington and the possible Land give-a-way. Israelis are very much concerned about the future of their Land. Americans would feel somewhat the same way if the US government decided to give California or Texas to Mexico, or New York to the Native Indians!

This is a critical time for us to PRAY! First,
PRAY that the nations will stop pressuring Israel.
PRAY that God will show the Palestinians that their salvation is in Him not in the destruction of Israel.
PRAY that President Clinton will remember the words of his former years to not forsake Israel.
PRAY that the nations will come to understand that they are fighting God Himself when they attempt to divide Israel.
Pray that God will stand by His Word to perform it.
Pray that He remembers His Word to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that He has given this Land of Israel to their descendants "for a thousand generations." Finally,
PRAY that God will reveal Himself in a particular way to Israelis, Arabs and all who are privileged to live in this God's Land-the Land of Israel!

Again, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Sincerely in Yeshua,

Eddie and Carole Reece

Please send any communication to edreece@prayernetwork.org

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