Anti-Semitism and Holocaust

The Anti-Semitic International

By Uri Dan - July, 05 2001

The anti-Semites in Europe are currently making a great effort to bring about the de-legitimization of the Jewish State in Eretz Yisrael. This is the background against which the Belgian judicial authorities are insolently attempting to bring Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to trial on the false charge of involvement in the slaughter of Muslim Arabs (Palestinians) by Christian Arabs (Phalangists) in Lebanon's Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in 1982.

This is a combined effort by the anti-Semites and the Arabs to destroy Israel. The Belgian judicial authorities attacking Sharon will, of course, explain that it is just a matter of justice and of defending human rights. But in today's Europe - in Belgium, France, England and other countries - taking a stand against Israel is a convenient and legitimate form of anti-Semitism.

This was the technique used by the producers of the BBC Panorama program on Sharon, Sabra and Shatilla, which deliberately revived the blood libel against the prime minister.

When British Prime Minister Tony Blair warmly welcomed Sharon to 10 Downing Street on June 24, it was a public rebuke to the BBC producers.

There is an obvious link between the anti-Semites at the BBC who concocted the lie against Sharon in Panorama, the charge submitted by the Palestinians in Brussels, and the decision by the Belgian judge. They have adapted the Communist International slogan "Workers of the world, unite," to "Haters of Israel, unite." They are well aware that Sharon is the real, if not the last, obstacle to the realization of their dream - to bring about the collapse of the Jewish State in a terrorist war waged by the real war criminal - Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat.

Sharon is setting out for Berlin and Paris to present the facts about who is actually responsible for the cruel war that has been waged against Israel for over nine months now.

A major role in the anti-Israeli activities in Europe is being played by the leaders and representatives of several small countries wishing to achieve prominence at Israel's expense. When the US and Russia and, to a lesser extent, Germany and France, attempt to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this is understandable. But no one took any notice of countries like Norway, Belgium, Denmark, and Spain until their representatives took Arafat's side against the policy of the Israeli government. Instead of contributing to the solution, they are adding fuel to the fire by unilaterally supporting the terrorist dictator Arafat - in the poor man's version of Munich, 1938.

Have the Belgian authorities, who have just taken on the European Union presidency, purged themselves of their own real crimes? It will be remembered that Belgians, headed by Leon Degrelle, collaborated with the Nazi conquerors in destroying the flourishing Belgian Jewish community. The history books are full of the grave crimes the Belgians committed when they ruled the Congo, when they slaughtered the natives in their avarice for natural resources. Just ask around in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (formerly Zaire) - there are plenty of witnesses there to keep the righteous judges in the Belgian law courts busy for years - after they finish with the pedophile trials.

Naturally, in this International of hatred of Sharon and the Jewish-Zionist State of Israel, you will also find Jews, among them Israelis. After all, according to the Israeli professors who are counterfeiting history, even David Ben-Gurion was suspected of war crimes. In their view, he was responsible for expelling and murdering the poor Arabs in 1948 and subsequently. This is the original sin, in whose name political psychopaths in Israel have for many years tried to bring about "post-Zionism." They are also participating in the attempt to de-legitimize their own country. Incidentally, Haim Baram, of the leftist lunatic fringe, at least had the courage to admit that he maintained constant contact with the producer of the defamatory Panorama film on Sharon.

The Jews are finally closing ranks to fight back against this International of hatred from without and within, against Arafat and his terrorist attacks on Israel, and against Hizbullah. The Jews are now sensing the anti-Semitic monster that raised its ugly head in Brussels. Jewish communities, both in Europe and the US, are waking up and beginning the struggle, because they remember that tomorrow may be too late.

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