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January 2003         

Revisiting the Six-Day War

By Joseph Farah - January 23, 2003
Occupation, occupation, occupation.

If you listen to Arabs, that's the cause of the conflict with Israel – occupation.

They blame all their ills – from refugees living in squalor for the last 50 years to Yasser Arafat's bad breath – on the so-called Israeli "occupation" of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The Arabs say the Israelis grabbed this real estate in a war of aggression in 1967. In fact, Israel did not start that war. Israel did not want that war. Israel merely defended itself – very, very effectively – from coordinated attacks by Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Arafat's terrorists.

This is not opinion. This is fact. A friend of mine, Sol Jacobs, did something very simple – something very obvious – to document this fact, which seems to elude so many today. He went back and looked at what newspapers were reporting about the crisis before June 5, 1967 – before there was any alleged "Israeli occupation."

Here's what he found on his month-long timeline leading up to the Six-Day War:

You can read these news reports for yourself thanks to the work of Sol Jacobs.

Clearly, the so-called "occupation" of these territories came about as a result of Arab war-making on Israel. Israel merely defended itself well. Israel also proved it was willing to give these territories back to neighbors who would live in peace with the Jewish state, as demonstrated with the return of the Sinai to Egypt.

All of this raises a few questions: If Israel is occupying those territories today, who was occupying them until 1967? If the West Bank and Gaza belong to "Palestinians," why were they under the control of Jordan and Egypt until June 5, 1967? If Arab "Palestinians" just want their own state, why didn't they ask for it before 1967?

And, lastly, why is it, according to many of these articles written in 1967, that when the Arabs talked about "occupied territories" then, they meant all of Israel?

Joseph Farah's nationally syndicated column originates at WorldNetDaily, where he serves as editor and chief executive officer.

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