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Whose Jerusalem ?

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Arabs Building a 5th Mosque on the Temple Mount

As a continuation to the information which we have already supplied about the destruction being caused by the Arabs on the Temple Mount, we can now inform you that, according to the security authorities who informed the government of Israel, the Arabs on the Temple Mount, together with the Islamic Movement in Israel, are now busy, not only with destroying the remains of the First and Second Temples, but also with the building a new mosque on the Temple Mount along the eastern wall. (2 other mosques were built on the southern side of the Temple Mount over the last 2 years.) According to these sources, the Waqf also have further plans to make changes on the Temple Mount such as removing the western gate and replacing it with an iron gate and adding roofs in many places. All these activities show very clearly that their plan is to make most of the Temple Mount into an area of one great mosque.

This is a part of their intensive destruction and building plan to remove the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount and make the holy site of G-d a place of foreign, pagan, Islamic worship. As we have said, through these activities they are trying to stop the plans of the G-d of Israel and His followers in Israel to rebuild the temple as a practical part of the life of this generation. This is the most terrible destruction that has occurred on the holy hill of G-d in Jerusalem since the destruction of the Second Temple. It is a shame for the authorities in Israel and all over the world that they have not done everything to immediately stop it.

As we said in our last update, The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is acting intensively and doing everything to immediately stop this destruction. Yesterday (21.06.00) the Movement made an urgent petition to the Supreme Court of Israel. In the petition the Movement asked the Supreme Court to order the Government of Israel to immediately stop this anti-godly and illegal destruction and building which is a terrible desecration of the most holy place of the Jewish people and all the earth; the place which is the heart and soul and the focus of the Jewish people and all the world. The petition also asked that those who are responsible for the activities be urgently arrested and immediately institute legal proceedings against them. The petition states that this barbaric destruction is a shame for everyone in Israel and all the world.

As a result of the campaign by the Temple Mount Faithful, Knesset members visited the Temple Mount yesterday to see what was being done there and how to react to it. The Arabs on the Temple Mount did not allow them to see some of the areas of the Temple Mount because they wanted to hide what they had done over the last 2 years and what they are now doing. After the visit, the members of Knesset stated that they were deeply shocked to see the terrible destruction and illegal building operations and that they could not even have imagined how terrible the situation actually is. They also warned of the weakness and fear of the Israeli Authorities to do anything to stop the situation and that they felt great shame and deep sadness. The head of the Antiquities Authority of Israel, Amir Drory, also stated his shock and that of his department and voiced a severe warning with regard to this destruction and building. He stated that his department, and nobody else, can control what is being done on the Temple Mount and that the destruction has destroyed important remains from the temple. He also said that these activities have also damaged an important wall on the south-eastern part of the Temple Mount which remained from the temple times and no one can even ascertain the extent of the damage and whether they are continuing to damage it as they do not allow anyone to see what they are doing there.

Nobody can understand the weakness and fear of the Israeli Authorities of Arab and international anti-Israeli reaction if they do what they have to do to stop this work and not allow them to continue this barbaric destruction and enforce Israel law which absolutely forbids any activities like this and any changes on the Temple Mount. This weakness and inability of the Israeli Government to act against the Arab Islamic enemies of Israel on the Temple Mount and against her enemies which surround her in the Middle East and their international allies is causing concern amongst the Israeli population. This weakness encourages Israel's enemies to continue these activities on the Temple Mount.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is now undertaking an intensive public campaign and demonstrations against these terrible activities and the weakness of the Israeli Authorities. We are doing everything by all the legal means at our disposal to immediately stop these activities and to remove the Arab presence and their vandalism from the Temple Mount and to transfer the responsibility, management and total control of the Temple Mount to the Israeli Government which has sovereignty over the Temple Mount but until has not had the strength to enforce it on the most holy place of Israel and all the world. All these activities are undertaken by the Movement as messengers of the Israeli people and many others all over the world who have G-d in their hearts and to whom the holy site of G-d is dear. We know very clearly that throughout the history of the Temple Mount and the land of Israel the enemies of Israel, including the biggest powers in the world who destroyed the temple, built their pagan shrines on the Temple Mount and thought that they could fight against the G-d of Israel and His prophetic plans for the people and land of Israel. They were severely judged by G-d and completely disappeared from the world stage. The same will be the fate of the Islamic Arab enemies of the G-d and people of Israel. Soon all their illusions will be shattered when G-d comes to judge and punish them. They have no chance to stop the prophetic end-time plans of G-d for Israel, on the Temple Mount , Jerusalem and all the land of Israel.

At the same time, all of us have a deep responsibility to do everything to stop and prevent these anti-godly activities on the Temple Mount. G-d and the history which He leads expects us to do this immediately.

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