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August 2001         

Colin Powell Rides Two Horses

by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator - August 9, 2001

Something is radically wrong at the U.S. State Department and particularly with Secretary of State Colin Powell. Various groups and nations are on the State Department's list of terrorists. They include Syria and Iraq but, they also list Hamas, Hezb'Allah, Islamic Jihad - among others. Regrettably, Bush, Jr., like his father, ignored the terrorist status of the hostiles and treated them as desirable friends.

[I interrupt this article to speak of Late Breaking News wherein at 2 P.M. on the corner of King George and Jaffa Street, Jerusalem in the Sbarro Pizza restaurant - a suicide bomber blew himself up - killing 15, including 6 infants under 1 year old and injuring more than 70, 10 critically - so far. Islamic Jihad was reported to have claimed responsibility. (According to CNN as of 11 a.m. CDT) ]
We are expecting a statement by Powell, suggesting the blame to be apportioned equally and that Israel must not respond with "excessive force". Colin Powell is supposed to recognize the status of these terrorist groups but the fact is, he doesn't. When Israel killed a group of known Hamas leader/planners meeting to plan new attacks, Colin Powell castigated Israel and demanded that they cease killing terrorist leaders. It was almost as if he had conferred with various leaders in these terrorist movements and agreed with their self-identification that they were now to be called "respectable community leaders".

It is highly probable that these same terrorist planners had participated in setting in motion today's suicide bombing. [See Appendix] Arafat's PLO interlinks with Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezb'Allah, et al, in coordinating the attacks, in addition to supplying the explosives (probably plastique), the electronic detonators, transportation and the scouting out of attack sites. The CIA, under George Tenet, knows this as the CIA has been training Arafat's Palestinian Authority since 1993 - as does the American President George W. Bush and Powell but, they all chose to ignore documented intelligence.

Colin Powell and the U.S. State Department want to have it two ways. On one hand, he verbally accepts the U.S. law's designation that these groups and nations as terrorists. On the other hand, he moves to protect them, using the full power of office to do so. He has more than once threatened Israel, demanding that they stop killing the killers of Israeli citizens or face punishment from the Bush Administration. The Bush response this morning is that Israel and the PA must "Break the cycle of violence and implement the Mitchell Report." The Mitchell Report is both naive and unworkable. Expect more words from Bush deploring the suicide bomber but no words firmly condemning Arafat or the Palestinian terrorists.

Even the ultra Leftist Shimon Peres who authored the failed Oslo Accords, has come to recognize that Israel is under siege and that her citizens are being murdered in increasing numbers daily - now 685+ Israelis murdered since Oslo. Thousands have been wounded, many maimed for life, hundreds of children have been newly orphaned - since Oslo. Shimon Peres and Yassir Arafat won the Nobel Peace Prize for Oslo.

This latest atrocity should bring Israel's Prime Minister out of his policy of sacrificial restraint but, so far, he has obeyed the orders of Bush and Powell. We have been awaiting a firm response from the Sharon government and hope that Arik Sharon will finally enact a powerful response against the ongoing Arab terror. If past response is any indication, we can expect that he will send aircraft to shoot up a few Palestinians Police Stations which have been evacuated after Israeli warnings. Until now, speeches typical of all the Israeli governments have threatened retribution: "If Arafat does this one more time!"

Why then does Colin Powell support and protect Hamas, the PLO and the other terrorist organizations whose leaders plan and carry out terrorist attacks all over Israel? Besides wreaking havoc in Israel, these terrorists will plan or are already planning terror actions in America just as the Muslims did at the New York World Trade Center and planned at many other American sites. These Muslims were trained by the CIA to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.

By taking out known terrorists, Israel is doing America and Europe the same favor they did when they bombed Saddam Hussein's nuclear plant, Osirik, in 1981. Similarly at that time, the world condemned Israel in public but they were delighted privately. Only during the 1990 Gulf War against Saddam's takeover of Kuwait - Desert Storm - did America publically thank Israel for removing this critical threat to American and Allied Forces on the front battle lines.

Israel has totally relied upon the U.S. for everything, including spare parts and real-time intelligence. When Colin Powell says: "Stop killing your killers or else!", Israel knows she could be cut off from vital supplies if she doesn't obey State Dept. orders. In fact, we hear that spare parts are not being delivered and shared intelligence is being squeezed down as it was under former Sec. of Defense Caspar Weinberger and Admiral Bobby Inman in the early 1980s.

Powell is becoming a serious danger to Israeli citizens as he moves to protect terrorists who are leaders and planners in order to placate Arab oil nations. Imagine the response of the American Congress and the American people if we were told not to touch the biggest terrorist known today: Osama Bin Laden because the Muslim world didn't want a hero of Islam killed.

When Israel targeted a group Hamas planners, they knew who the targets were and exactly what they had accomplished as terrorists. Clearly, the CIA under George Tenet had the same information and very likely had contact with these terrorists.

The strike against the Hamas command leaders to which Colin Powell objected, killed Jamal Mansour and Jamal Dmouni, among others. These men had left a bloody trail of death. The Hamas command had accounted for more than 80 dead and 400 wounded Israelis due to Palestinian suicide operations. Add to that the 15 just murdered (including 6 babies under 1 year old) and between 70 to 92 wounded in Jerusalem August 9th with confirming numbers still coming in. Islamic Jihad has claimed responsibility for this atrocity - according to CNN.

Why then does Colin Powell contravene American law and the will of Congress by shielding known terrorists who plan and direct operations that kill and maim Israeli citizens. (As of August 8th, 640 Israelis, including 19 Americans, have been killed since the Oslo Peace Accords were signed September 13, 1993 - with thousands more wounded, some maimed for life and countless children orphaned.)

Even if Powell's actions were not illegal, why would one Democracy subvert another Democracy. Doesn't Powell know that he has become a co-conspirator to terror and murder? Protecting a murderer, even as he plans to murder more, makes their 'protectors' as guilty of the crime as if they had assisted in planning the operation.

We now know that General Colin Powell is very pacifistic General and even more so as the Secretary of State. It seems there is no terrorist leader, other than bin Laden, who Powell cannot see as a future partner of Peace. Powell was certain that Saddam Hussein could be turned into a friend of the West with merely the pressure of a boycott. He reluctantly went into the Gulf War aka Desert Storm, dragging out the preparations for six months, hoping Saddam would decide to leave Kuwait peacefully. Colin Powell is a nice, soft-spoken man who should have been made Ambassador to Sweden or Bermuda. As the spokesman for the State Department he is a well-spoken disaster.

As for Israel, they would be well advised to treat Powell with all the dignity the office calls for but, not to cease aggressively defending herself - simply because it was what the Arab Sheiks and dictators demanded of Powell.

Israel has been forced, under threats by Powell and the Bush Administration NOT to deal with the thousands of Palestinians recruited by Yassir Arafat to kill Jews. Israel has had to minimally target those who plan and order the terror attacks. For Arafat, everyone is a "soldier for Islam" - especially the Palestinian children because their casualties make such good media copy. Arafat trains children to carry explosives and blow themselves up along with any Jews they can reach. Colin Powell tells Israel to ignore these deaths or he will use the power of his office of make the Jewish State suffer even more.

We will, no doubt, hear from President Bush on vacation in Texas, offering condolences and saying something about the need to reduce violence. This is the usual State Department position of "Moral Equivalency" wherein the victim and his killer/s are equally guilty. We can also expect the United Nations to use the excuse of dead Jews to push through their plan to station international observers - who usually act as a protective screen for the Arab terrorist - as shown in Lebanon.

Appendix: These are some of the actions carried out by Hamas - who Colin Powell would protect. This was provided by Murray Kahl and may be obtained in [Edited due to space limitations]:


6/1/01: Suicide bomber at Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv beach. 21 Israeli teenagers killed, 84 injured.

5/18/01: Suicide bomber at HaSharon shopping mall, Netanya, north of Tel Aviv: 5 killed; 74 injured.

4/22/01: Suicide bomber on bus in Kfar Saba, near Tel Aviv. 1 civilian killed; 47 injured (2 seriously).

3/28/01: Suicide bomber at Neveh Yamin junction, near Tel Aviv: 2 children killed; 4 injured.

3/27/01: Suicide bomber at French Hill junction in Jerusalem. 12 injured.

3/4/01: Suicide bomber at Herzl & Shoham Streets in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv.

3/1/01: Suicide bomber in taxi at Mei Ami junction. 1 civilian killed; 12 injured.

1/1/01: Suicide bomber at Herzl and Dizengoff St. in Netanya, north of Tel Aviv. 36 people injured.

12/22/00: Suicide bomber at Mehola junction. 3 soldiers injured.

11/22/00: Car bomb on Hanassi St. in Hadera. 2 people killed; 61 injured.


Jamal Mansour, born 1960, resident of Nablus. Among heads of Hamas and directly responsible for Samarian regional command. Imprisoned 11 times for his terrorist activity. Among those deported to Marj a-Zahur, Lebanon in 1992. Leader of Hamas current extremist agenda. Actively incited in favor of increased armed operations against Israel, virulently supported suicide actions and mass bombings; called for killings to be carried out throughout Israel. Under Mansour's command, Hamas operatives carried out suicide bombings and other terror attacks against Israel. In public statements Mansour said: 1. In an interview for BBC radio 1/9/01, "Hamas saw no wrong in killing civilians." and 2. 7/25/01, interviewed for "Al-Jezira" TV and "Abu-Dhabi" TV, he said despite killing of many Hamas operatives, "there are many who stand ready to take to the place of the 'martyrs'".

Jamal Dmouni, born 1958, resident of Nablus. One of the leaders of Hamas Command in Samaria and among its commanders. First arrested for terror in April 1975 for terror and since has been involved unceasingly in terrorism. In 1992, deported to Marj a-Zahur, Lebanon with 400 other leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Current Hamas policy maker. Supported increase in terror activity against Israel and increased use of suicide bombers. Attack the 'fatwahs' (Islamic religious rulings) which decried suicide bombings and called for Muslims to ignore them. Dmouni promised in press interviews 7/25/01 (AP & Nablus TV) that Hamas would respond to killing of Salah Darawza. Planned attacks against Israel. Promised to send tens of suicide bombers to Israel to sow death throughout the country. At Hamas rally 4/24/01, Dmouni stated: "Hamas chooses 'intifada' and militant operations. You the Israelis, it is your turn to weep for your dead; we have prepared a hundred attacks [suicide bombers] who await their turn...after the hundreds there will be thousands more". Dmouni declared often that "suicide operations are the pinnacle of contribution and sacrifice".

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