10. "The First Christian Zionist Congress" Convened in Basle, Switzerland, August 1985

In August of 1985, the "FIRST CHRISTIAN ZIONIST CONGRESS" convened in Basle, Switzerland, in the same hall where, 88 years earlier Dr. Theodor Herzl convened the First Zionist Congress. Six hundred Christians from 27 countries pledged their loyalty to the State of Israel and the Jewish people "in obedience to the Word of God." The Second Christian Zionist Congress was held in Jerusalem in 1988, in honour of Israel's 40th Anniversary.

At the First Christian Zionist Congress, an International Christian Investment Fund was launched. The purpose is to invest in new businesses or support existing ones in order to create new jobs and increase the productive base of Israel's economy. (The Jerusalem Post Supplement ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles. Monday, October 20, 1986, page two). The Third Christian Zionist Congress will be sponsored by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, February 25th to 29th, 1996. Jerusalem will be the focus on its 3000th ANNIVERSARY. Seminars, Bible teaching, and discussions on Islamic funda-mentalism. Worshipful music will be provided from different parts of the world.

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