March/April 2000

Editorial: 1492....but what about 1942 ?

by Alan Lazerte, Executive Director, CFICEJ

The world and the media are awash over the Vatican's Papal visit to the Middle East in general, and Israel in particular. In spite of all the facts there is this unreal hope of "land for peace"...Israel's land of course !

We are not here commenting on the Pope as an individual, but we are entitled to comment on the Vatican which he heads, Let's look at the order of recent events:

First, the Pope announces his intention to visit the Middle East and Jerusalem.Israel graciously consents, at great "security" expense and inconvenience.

Secondly, the Vatican and Arafat enter into a Covenant, about ten days before the Papal visit to "prevent the judaization of Jerusalem" ; in other words to see to it that Jerusalem does not become the capitol of the modern Jewish State; and that Jerusalem be internationalized , by International law, via the United Nations.

Finally, a few days before departing to the Middle East the Pope "apologizes" to the Jewish people for the sins of the Church against the Jews for some nineteen centuries; alleging it was done while enforcing "truth"...including the Spanish Inquisitions (not "one", but "forty") over several generations.

There is something bizarre about this retroactive "apology" in the light of the Vatican having openly, since 1942, met with and promoted Arafat as a man of peaceful intentions nine times, culminating in this diabolical plot to harness Christendom and Islam together against Israel, in order to prevent God's promises to Israel from being fulfilled both as to Land and Jerusalem; the City reserved not for Roman Catholicism or Islam, but for the Prince of Peace...the Son of David...so that "all the nations of the earth may be blest" with Salvation.

We must conclude that this is more the stuff of politics and religion (and of religion, not spirituality) , not "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"

It is deceitful , if not hypocritical, in the light of these facts and conditions, to "apologize" for 1492... ("the year that all Jews were expelled from Spain by Queen Isabella an ardent follower of Rome") yet plot with Israel's enemies since 1942 to take Jerusalem away from the Jewish people and nation; and all that in spite of the revealed will of God in Holy Scripture to the contrary.

This is where centuries of unscriptural "replacement theology" have taken most of Christendom. Tragically, among other negative consequences, also being a very poor witness to the Jewish people by those purporting to be followers of Jesus the Christ.

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