Whose Jerusalem ?

Whose Jerusalem ?

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Israeli Ambassador States Jerusalem Will Remain United and Under Jewish Control

The Ambassador of Israel to the United States emphatically stated in prepared remarks Monday night before a Christian audience that "Jerusalem is going to be united and the capital of Israel, no doubt about it." He also noted that it will always remain open to all religions.

The Embassy of Israel in Washington, DC hosted an evening reception for the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) on Monday night, June 5th, in honor of Jerusalem Day.

The Ambassador of Israel, His Excellency David Ivry, acknowledged that it was comforting for Israel to know they have such trusted friends. He commended the ICEJ for working to strengthen the ties between the Jewish and Christian communities.

The ICEJ's International Director, Dr. Johann Lückhoff, also spoke to the issue of the fate of Jerusalem. He stated that the people of Israel are realizing that Jerusalem is as important, in a sense, to the Christian community as to the Jewish people.

Dr. Lückhoff said that he was glad that Israeli Prime Minister Barak has recently restated that Jerusalem will remain under Israeli control, and will not be divided again.

"Mr. Arafat might offer everyone a cocktail of the Dead Sea waters," remarked Dr. Lückhoff, "but it is posturing - forget about it. He is not going to get Jerusalem."

Avi Granot, Israel's Minister of Public and Inter-Religious Affairs to the United States, gave credit to the support and unity from the Christian community for making it possible for Israel to move forward in their desire for peace. He said that Israel was not negotiating from despair, weakness, or a decision to give up, but with the conviction and determination to recreate the wonder that is called the City of David.

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year as the largest Christian pro-Zionist worldwide organization. With its headquarters in Jerusalem, and satellite offices in almost 100 countries, the ICEJ's primary objective is to provide a way for Christians to tangibly comfort the Jewish people and the reborn state of Israel. The Embassy takes as their foundation the verse from the book of Isaiah, chapter 40:

"Comfort ye, comfort ye My people, saith your God."

The International Christian Embassy Jerusalem has hosted many diplomatic receptions and events around the world, particularly in European countries, in conjunction with Israeli Embassies, but this was the first opportunity for such an evening in Washington, DC.

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